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Sid Richardson Scout Ranch -- Home of the Texas High Adventure Base

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch (SR2) is a Texas–size camp with 16 miles of rugged shoreline on 10,000 acre Lake Bridgeport. SR2 has lots of history, and 2,500 acres of scenic cliffs, prairie, and heavy forests. The camp’s historic 1870’s U.S. Cavalry site is a centerpiece of Texas High Adventure Base. Our working Blacksmith’s Shop, Country Store, museum, saloon, and Post Office are official Texas landmarks relocated with original artifacts from Vineyard, Texas.

SR2 offers 74 Merit Badges, an air-conditioned dining hall, large pool, new Technology center, Flight Simulation Center with 16 F-16 cockpits (featured in Scouting magazine), horsemanship program, Space Shuttle Simulator, Sailing Base with 24 sailboats, sporting clays range, Viking Ship, Trail to First Class first–year camper program, Climbing tower and cliffs, 2 Blobs, windsurfing, Mile Swim, Snorkeling, BSA Lifeguard, and much more.

Texas Youth Protection Requirements for Adults at Camp.


Week 3 Special: Troops and Crews attending during Week 3 receive a $10 per person discount. No Out-of-Council fees.
Week 4 Special: Troops and Crews attending during Week 4 receive a $15 per person discount. No Out-of-Council fees.
$20 CAMP + HIGH ADVENTURE SPECIAL: For each youth registered in the merit badge summer camp at Camp Tahuaya, Worth Ranch, or Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, the unit gets $20 off one youth or one adult attending a Longhorn Council High Adventure program (up to the number of youth and adults attending high adventure). Includes Troops and Crews from the same chartering organization.


  • New Merit Badge Classes: Our Program Director is adding many more merit badges for our summer camp program. This summer we will offer 74 Merit Badges at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch.
  • New ADULT Showers & Bathrooms: In 2012 we opened 2 New adult leader showers and bathrooms.
  • Youth Shower Remodel: We are remodeling the 2 youth showers in the SR2 campsites with individual stalls.
  • New TENTS and Frames: We have over 100 new tents and permanent frames for SR2. The new tents are slightly wider to give campers more living space.
  • Scoutmaster Steak Dinners: We are adding a Steak Dinner for all adult Scouters each week of summer camp.
  • Nature Center Upgrades by Order of the Arrow: Our OA Lodge upgraded the Nature center with dozens of new cages, capture equipment, shelving, and Kingsnake specimens.
  • Council Ring Upgrades by Order of the Arrow: The OA Lodge is working with the Theater Department at Texas Wesleyan University to install professional stage lighting and sound systems at the council ring.
  • Robotics Merit Badge: Scouts may try the new Robotics Merit Badge and many other Technology MBs at SR2.
  • New Signs for SR2: The Order of the Arrow has made over 350 new sign boards with larger letters to upgrade the directions signs on Sid Richardson Scout Ranch’s 20+ miles of roads.
  • New SR2 Mike Maughan Archery Range Pavilion: The new “Chiron Archery Pavilion’ is being built at the SR2 Archery Range in memory of Archery Instructor Mike Maughan of Troop 28.
  • 2012-2013 Sailboat Upgrades: We have 30 sailboats ready for the summer camp Sailing Base in 2012! We are spending $20,000 this winter to upgrade the sailboat fleet. The hulls are being re-glassed and all rigging and sails professionally inspected and updated.
  • Wakeboard Boat Upgrades: Wakeboarding: We are replacing one wakeboard boat and have installed a new engine in our Mastercraft boat.
  • Pontoon Boat Upgrades: We replaced the furniture on 8 more of our High Adventure Base’s 23 pontoon boats. We started re-outfitting our boats in 2010. We have also replaced the older pontoon boat engines.
  • New U.S. Cavalry Uniforms for High Adventure Base: We have replaced the 1870’s uniforms at the US Cavalry Outpost. Scouts participating in the Cavalry program spend a day living as a  soldier on the Texas frontier during the Red River War of 1872-1874.
  • Viking Ship Getting an Overhaul: Our  Viking Ship's complete overhaul in 2012 took longer than expected, but she's back for 2013. The boat is a replica longship based on archaeological studies of a Viking ship found off Rugen Island in the Baltic Sea.

New Kingsnake Collection & SR2 Snake Shows

We have a huge Reptile collection, including every species of Kingsnake from around the United States. Kingsnakes are famous for eating venomous snakes (they are immune to the venom). The collection helps with the completion of 3 nature merit badges and great snake shows!

The popular snake shows usually include one of our Texas kingsnake species (Speckled or Desert Kingsnakes) constricting and eating a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake or Broadbanded Copperhead.

F-16 Flight Simulator Center

Earn Aviation Merit Badge in one of our 16 F-16 simulator cockpits. Each simulator is networked to allow Scouts to communicate and fly missions individually or as opposing teams. Simulators have large displays and the same Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) used in most military simulators. Our week-long Aviation, Technology, & Shooting Sports Week is offered in July.

SR2 Multi-Media Program

The new Multimedia Center has 8 new Dell workstations and waterproof video cameras. The program was designed by videographer Rob Oakley and graphic artist Damian Harrelson and includes Graphic Design, Cinematography, Photography, Computer Merit Badges. Cinematography and Photography are taught together. Each week the best class video will be shown at the Friday night campfire.

Adult Wilderness First Aid & Red Cross CPR

Our Red Cross and American Heart Association Certified Trainer will once again offer Wilderness First Aid, Basic First Aid, & CPR for adults at summer camp. We also offer Wilderness First Aid for Scouts age 15 and older (Red Cross requirement).

High Adventure Intern Program

Individual Scouts and Venturers age 14-20 can apply for the new High Adventure Intern program. Spend a week doing living history and fighting battle reenactments as a Viking at the Viking Ship Outpost, or as a Cavalry soldier or Texas Ranger on the Texas frontier. Limited to 6 Scouts per week, 1st come-1st served. T-shirt included. High Adventure Intern Program application.

Outstanding High Adventure Options!

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch is the home of the Texas High Adventure Base. Groups of older youth and adults may do the unique and exciting Chisholm Trail Adventure, the Steele Island Wakeboard Program, or the Brazos River Canoe Trip 50 miler. Older Scouts can also sign up for a week in the new High Adventure Intern Program.

BRONCO PATROL - Trail to First Class

Bronco Patrol supplements your Troop’s skills development training and gives young Scouts an introduction to Scouting’s exciting outdoor program. The First Class program concentrates on the Patrol Method, Tenderfoot to 1st Class requirements, and FUN! A new Scout’s first summer camp experience is a great indicator of how long he will stay in Scouting. If he has a great experience he is much more likely to stay in Scouting and in your troop for a long time to come!

Individual Scouts - Maverick Troop

SR2 will offer a Maverick Troop for individual Scouts who could not make their Troop’s camp trip or who need an extra week of camp. The Maverick Troop will be staffed each week by experienced volunteer Scouters. See the Individual Scout Maverick Troop application.

Shotgun MB & Sporting Clays Range

Shotgun Merit Badge is offered in the afternoon on our Chisholm Trail Adventure sporting clays range. We have 6 Matarelli electric throwers - each can throw 300 clay pigeons without reloading.

The Blobs

SR2 features two Blobs, water volleyball, jousting, and will add water polo in 2009. Water Park is open late afternoon and evening to campers from SR2, and is a primary part of Chisholm Trail.


Sailing Base

The Sailing Base offers Sailing Merit Badge and Windsurfing BSA Award classes. Evening sailing is available several nights. We will have 30 sailboats for 2012, and 20 sail boards for Scouts to use as they learn to sail and windsurf.


74 Merit Badges Offered

American Cultures, American Heritage, Animal Science, Archeology, Archery , Art, Astronomy, Aviation, Basketry, Bird Study, Camping , Canoeing, Chemistry, Chess, Cinematography, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Climbing , Communications, Computers, Electricity, Electronics, Emergency Prep, Energy, Engineering, Env Sci, Farm Mechanics, Fingerprinting, Fire Safety, First Aid, Fish and Wildlife, Fishing , Forestry, Geocaching, Geology, Graphic Arts, Home Repairs, Horsemanship , Indian Lore , Insect Study, Inventing, Law, Leatherwork, Lifesaving , Mammal Study , Metalwork, Motorboating, Nature, Nuclear Science, Oceanography, Orienteering , Painting, Photography, Pioneering , Public Speaking, Pulp & Paper, Reptile Study, Rifle , Robotics, Rowing , Safety, Salesmanship, Scouting Heritage, Sculpture, Shotgun , Small Boat Sailing , Soil & Water Cons, Space Exploration, Swimming , Theater, Watersports, Weather, Wilderness Survival , Wood Carving, Wood Carving. We also offer: Snorkeling, Kayaking, Mile Swim, BSA Lifeguard (for Scouts & adults age 15+), 1st Aid & CPR training, Wilderness 1st Aid, & adult trainings.

Horsemanship Program

Horsemanship Merit Badge at Cowboy Camp is one of our most popular specialty programs. Long pants are required for ALL participants in the horse program. Horsemanship is offered in the afternoons.


Climbing and Rappelling

Vertical Fun! Climb on our state of the art climbing tower. Climbing Merit Badge includes a trip to the high adventure climbing outpost on our rugged cliffs. The camp provides all helmets, ropes, and climbing equipment. We offer Climbing MB, as well as daily open climbing programs.

Recreational Activities

The SR2 Dodgeball elimination tournament is a big hit. Troops battle it out for the right to beat the staff! Fishing is available for everyone! Local fishing guides tell us that our marina cove is the best fishing location on the lake. Also popular are Sand Court Volleyball, Horseshoes, swimming, and Blobbing. Each night we do scheduled Troop swims at the Blob and the Pool.

Parent’s Night Campfire Program

Parents and family are invited to join us on Friday evening for an exciting campfire program. It’s a great way to conclude a week of fun, introduce parents to your favorite staff member, and enjoy the Order of the Arrow ceremony and Closing Campfire. Parents who wish to stay on Friday after the campfire may contact nearby motels in Bridgeport or check with our Lakeview Lodge manager (see our website).

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Click here to download the Summer Camp and Texas High Adventure Base videos:

Watch Summer Camp Overview Video (4:47)

An Overview of Worth Ranch, Camp Tahuaya, Sid Richardson Scout Ranch and their programs!

Looking for High Adventure? Watch the Texas High Adventure Base Video (1:34)

An Overiew of our high adventure programs: 50 Mile Canoe Trip, Wakeboard Camp, & the amazing Chisholm Trail program!

For High Adventure at SR2 - watch our 4 minute Chisholm Trail Adventure Video (4:42)

Backpack on a boat at our unique High Adventure base and do Watersports, living history battles, Viking ship, climbing, Covert Ops, Area 51 paintball, and more!!



We have two Blobs at our main marina.

SR2 is home to the Texas High Adventure Base, inlcuding
Chisholm Trail Adventure and the Steele Island Wakeboard Program.

Staff showing part of our Reptile collection.

The climbing tower at SR2.

Making rope in the First Year Camper program.

Sunset on Lake Bridgeport.
Lifesaving Merit Badge class.

Horsemanship Merit Badge is offered in the afternoons at SR2.

Sailing Merit Badge Class.

Climbing merit badge class.
We have 60 kayaks.

A 3' Desert Kingsnake has thrown a first coil around the middle of a 3' Western Diamondback rattlesnake at one of our snake shows.

The end of the struggle.


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